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Odds of 8 card suits

EF wrote: Can you say what the probability is of one pair of players at duplicate having eight card suits, three times, over the course of play during one afternoon?

With no dealing machines, other than humans, will very odd distribution be found in the boards?

Derrick replied: "I understand that one expects to pick up an 8-card suit once in every 213 deals on average. Thus on any deal, there is less than 1% chance of EITHER you or your partner having an 8-card suit, and you will tend not to pick up one during the entire afternoon. Of course the odds of three are very low, enough to be noteworthy but something that is likely to happen on the rare occasion. If you look through a set of deals, you can usually find something unusual - 6-5 hands, singleton kings, voids, 8-card suits, or some such.

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