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Understanding the unusual

At favourable vulnerability, you pick up the following:

SOUTH (you)

Your left hand opponent opens 1H and partner overcalls 2NT. This is the Unusual 2NT, showing at least 5-5 in the minors and (usually) a weak hand. East jumps to 4H and you decide to pass, due to the lack of a clear alternative. When it goes back to your partner, however, she backs in with a bid of 4NT, passed back to you for a decision.

1H    2NT    4H    Pass
Pass  4NT    Pass  ?


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More than just preference

This hand from a duplicate game at the local club has a few tips to offer. The first problem was for South, in deciding what to open:

SOUTH (you)

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A Ruff Time

You have the following hand. What do you do when you hear your right hand opponent open 1S:


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Avoiding the cover charge

♦ KJ982

West opens with a weak 2S - what action should North take?

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Testing hand offers multiple choice

Your partner opens 1H. Decide how you should reply with the following:


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Heartfelt gift

When your hand contains a long, strong suit (or suits), it is generally better to value your hand by counting your playing tricks (the number of tricks you expect to make with your long suit as trumps) rather than high card points. How strong is the South hand below?


SOUTH (you)

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