Tales from the Bridge Table

Tales from the Bridge Table PosterResults of the "Tales from the Bridge Table" BRIDGE COMPETITION WITH A DIFFERENCE

The winners:

1st: "While a city burns" by Vivien Eldridge

2nd: "Twelve on Tuesday" by Helen Sharwood

3rd: "Peter and Jean" by Andrew Denson

These three people have been awarded their cash prizes, while the seven writers below received book prizes as Highly Commended:

"Ship Shape" by Ken Johnson

"The Bridge Limerick" and "A Tale of the Ace of Spades" by Joel Speiser

"It Makes Sense to Some" by Neville Moses

"I Just Tell my Mother" by Robert Goudet

"Bridge Etiquette" and "Birth of a Baby Director" by Ernie Newman

"Teardrops did Fall" by Greg Quittner

"Robot Duplicate" by Oleg Rubinchik

The judging process

Thanks to our four judges: Ron Klinger and John Roberts (bridge internationals, writers and teachers), Sarah Carradine (writer, editor and bridge director), and Kerrie Eyers (book editor). They were given the submissions, with the names of the writers removed, and asked to give a score out of 100. There was a wide range of entries: poetry and prose, fact and fiction. Thanks to all those who entered the competition. Often your entries were rated very highly by some judges, but did not make the top ten as other judges had different preferences. The judges' consensus favoured personal tales over some of the excellent bridge articles that were received. However, all submissions were much appreciated!

The competition

Details of the competition are below. While all prizes have now been assigned, we would still welcome further entries which may be used for a book.

We seek human interest stories with minimum technicality and maximum entertainment that illustrate why bridge is a passion, not just a game. Submissions, anecdotes and other creative bids will be judged by an independent panel and prizes awarded. What is your best tale?


  • We invite you to write a story or essay of between 500 and 1500 words defining the nature of the passion for bridge as you have experienced or observed it. 
  • Alternatively, if not attracted to writing a story, you may care to offer a shorter piece, for example: your favourite bridge anecdote, a joke or poem, or your bridge partner’s most colourful point-scoring aphorisms. What was the funniest bridge incident you ever observed? What was the most amusing thing your bridge teacher ever said?
  • Your submission (de-identified) will be judged by an independent panel.
  • There are prizes for the top 3 pieces, plus other prizes and commendations:

                    1st prize $1000
                    2nd prize $500
                    3rd prize $250 



The competition coordinators will abstract material from selected submissions (anonymous or under your name – as you prefer) to produce a published book that will address the theme in all its richness. The first two coordinators (Gordon Parker and Kerrie Eyers) are bridge neophytes but writers and editors of eight previous books with a commercial publisher employing a similar strategy, while Derrick Browne is a bridge teacher and author who runs the Sydney-based bridge centre Trumps.


  • Maximum entertainment, minimum technicality
  • Avoid detailed accounts of bridge hands/bids
  • Quote sources if relevant



Email your competition entry together with the application form.

  1. Make sure your name is not included anywhere on your competition entry
  2. Download the ‘WRITING COMPETITION APPLICATION FORM’ and save it on your computer
  3. Type your details into the form and mark ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the boxes
  4. Ensure you have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions
  5. Email your two attachments (competition entry + completed application form) by midnight 31st January 2015 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively, you can post your de-identified competition entry and completed application form to: Writing Competition, Trumps Bridge Centre, PO Box 939, Spit Junction, NSW 2088.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your interest and support.