Trumps Shop

Bridge Items for Sale

At Trumps, we have a small shop area that sells both Trumps and non-Trumps published books, together with videos, computer programs, and accessories. You will find card holders, jewellery, rubber bridge pads, Christmas cards (with bridge problems etc), duplicate boards, mugs, socks and other apparel, serviettes, pen sets, and other items such as trays, golf balls etc.  Bidding pads are $7 (or $6 each for six or more).

Postage within Australia for bulky items such as bidding pads is $9 (not $2 as for books and small items).

We also have vinyl-topped tables (the traditional fold-up types popular for home use) for sale:

Software (CD version)

Various software is available:

Those who supply us with their existing Bridge Baron disk may obtain an upgrade version for $59.95.

Boards and cards 

We also have used (second hand) boards and cards available cheaply - let us know if you need some.