Preempts in Quarterly Newsletter

The Trumps quarterly Newsletter for the June Quarter 2018 contains a great article (pp6-8) by Derrick on Bidding Preempts and the sometimes difficult choices this involves.

You can read the June quarter 2018 newsletter here.

This newsletter is sent to members each three months.

New laws effective 1 Aug 2017

These are the six main changes, effective from 1 August 2017, that Trumps players should know about:

  • Claiming - If a player claims he or she needs to face his or her cards at the same time as providing any information about an intended line of play. If doubt is expressed about the claim, and only if all four players agree, the hand can now be played on, otherwise the director needs to be called.
  • Comparable calls – In some situations a player who makes an insufficient bid or a call out of turn may be able to make a comparable bid (that is one that contains all the information of the withdrawn call) and thus avoid restrictions that might otherwise apply to his or her partner’s bids or leads.

Read more: New laws effective 1 Aug 2017

Trumps Inter-Club Pairs in the Press

The Manly Daily featured Trumps Bridge Centre as the host club for the forthcoming Sydney North Inter-Club Pairs Championship, which is sponsored by NewsLocal. The event takes place on Sunday 15 June, with bridge clubs in Sydney's North invited to send eight pairs of their regular players to represent them.

In 2013 the event was won by Trumps. 

Here is what the Manly Daily said:

Read more: Trumps Inter-Club Pairs in the Press

New Book Release!

Improvers' play picks up the pace on declarer play and defence with topics including ruffing and discarding losers, signals and discards, finessing, holdup play, leads, and second and third hand play. Please visit Trumps shop to order your copy or collect it at Trumps.


Improvers Play poster

New Bridge Builders session

If you or your friends are finding it more difficult to come and play bridge then Trumps' new Bridge Builders session at 10am on Thursday mornings from 5 June might be just the thing.

Bridge Builders is a supportive new bridge group working in conjunction with Trumps Bridge Centre to help players who are experiencing difficulties with the game they love.

With the help of an experienced carer from Reliant Healthcare, you will be welcomed and assisted with everything from larger playing cards and scoring to getting refreshments or having a bathroom break. Players can also get help with transport to the club if required.

You can pick up a brochure from the club or call Reliant on 9362-5500 to make a booking. Bookings are essential for this assisted bridge session for planning purposes. Costs are the same as for any other Trumps bridge session.

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